June 25, 2023 – That Kind of Friend – Lia Scholl


Lesson from the Psalms                                      a selection from Psalm 77

I cry aloud to You, O Friend,

to the Eternal Listener, that I might be heard.

In the day of trouble I seek the Beloved;

in the night my hand is stretched out in prayer;

my soul yearns to be comforted.


I think of the Beloved, and I moan;

I meditate, and my spirit is weak.

You trouble me and I cannot find peace;

I am so fearful, I cannot sleep;

I am so filled with fantasies I cannot speak out.

How well I remember years past,

when You were a companion close by.

I commune with my heart all through the night;

I meditate, my spirit seeking its Friend:

“Will You abandon me forever, and

leave me comfortless in my distress?

Where is your steadfast Love that made my soul to sing?

Are your promises empty, that I feel so alone?

I call to mind the closeness of my Friend;

yes, I remember the joy of the Beloved’s presence.

I contemplate in the Silence,

recalling how You led me along the Way;

For your Way, O Beloved, is holy.

There is no other like You!

You are the One who will bring us to wholeness,

You manifest your Love to all who call upon You;

With You the peoples are redeemed,

the nations brought to peace.