June 11, 2023 – “Consuming Fire” – by Lia Scholl

Lesson from the Psalms                                                         Psalm 50:1-15

The Beloved, through the energy of Love, brought forth the world.

From the rising to the setting sun,

Love radiates out to all the nations perfect in harmony.

The Beloved has come and will not keep silence; for

Divine Love is a consuming Fire,

calling forth heaven and earth to the judgment of all peoples:

“Gather around, my loyal friends,

all who by repentance and recompense follow the Inner Way.”

The universe forever proclaims justice,

And, the Beloved’s Indwelling Presence

guides those who hear with their heart’s ear.


Listen, all people, and I shall speak;

I will bear witness against you, O nations:

As Divine Presence, Eternal Flame of Love,

Shall I not find fault with what you call holy,

these offerings of greed and war that are before Me always?

Your lies and deceitful ways,

your greed for power and wealth are spawned by darkness.

Have you forgotten that we are to be One in Love and Truth,

that all of life is Sacred Gift?

I know every creature, every plant, every mineral;

I know you—your every need and your fears;

The Earth and all that is in it

belongs to the Whole, to be tended by all in co-operation with Love.